The Finsbury Park Deltics


I have been drawing ever since I burst forth, urgent and confused, from a
municipal bed into England. Initially I doodled as a way of alleviating childhood
angst; now I do it as a way of alleviating diagnosed angst that’s all grown up and
running around with scissors.
Working in a variety of media, I parody mass culture by exaggerating formal
aspects inherent in our society. I make work that sometimes appears
idiosyncratic and quirky; at other times a by-product of Western hyper-
consumption; yet more, humorously indecent.  
I often refer to popular culture in all of this. Using written, drawn and
photographic symbols, a world where light-heartedness reigns supreme (some of
the time) and where rules are undermined, is created.
And, lurking somewhere in the chaos, you will find signposts; signposts to a
community now only ever seen through a blurred lens, enmeshed in hyperbole
and ultraviolence; signposts to a country that maybe never existed.
The Finsbury Park Deltics. Art. But not as you know it.