Moshe Sigel


My practice is focused on painting. I paint with oils on canvas.
Sometimes I include acrylics. I am drawn to colors and shapes. I paint
abstract paintings on large canvases. They touch on the monumental and
spiritual realms at times. The sharp and mechanical shape versus the
natural flowing one. I am fascinated by how those two worlds interact. I
do not plan my paintings. I do not work with sketches. The painting itself
is the event where it all happens from start to finish.
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design 2016-2019
Completed BFA
Transfer/Exchange semester at UNSW Art and Design, Sydney,
Australia 2017-2018
Courses in Sculpture, Painting and Drawing
Exhibited in the Graduate Exhibition at the Bezalel Academy of Fine
Arts, Jerusalem, Israel 2019
Exhibited at The Other Art Fair (online due to global pandemic),
Dallas, Texas 2020

Art Background
Art major at the Israel Museum 2005‐2008
⦁ Final grade: 93
Glass blowing course in Scuola Del Vetro Abete Zanetti, Murano,
Venice, Italy 2010
⦁ Focused on lamp‐work
Courses completed
 Painting
 Drawing
 Sculpture
 Video art
 Photoshop
 Photography
 Philosophy
 Art philosophy
 Art history
Personal History
Born: 29.11.1990
Memphis Tn. USA
Lived in London, England
Residence in Jerusalem, Israel
1999-present day