Gul Hazara


My name is Gulsoom Musa I was born in Quetta City Balochistan. I belong from Hazara
community. I got my bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with Honours from Indus Valley School of
Art and Architecture in 2019. I participated in group show nationally and internationally. Now I
live in Karachi. My work revolves around my own personal experiences, to capture memories
of displacement.
Artist statement:
My body of work represents a personal attempt to understand and define the concepts of memory
and identity within the context of place and time. I am exploring these memories through my
drawing. I painted the landscapes of my hometown (Quetta) in fragmented form. Fragmentation
with memory also translates into the fragmentation of my image as it is presented on paper. I
have been looking at the way place influences life experience and the remnant memories that
define our relationships with those experiences.